Boylexe: Digital Marketing: Case Study 
Boylexe is a unique show about the lives of men in cabaret and ‘boylesque’ (male burlesque), the spin-off from innovative brand, Burlexe.

To launch a twice-a-month show with zero marketing budget, targeted at women, gay men and the burlesque and cabaret-interested community with no brand recognition (we’d only run a couple of ‘pilot’ shows a year before).

We worked with a variety of channels and partners to release information and create package deals to launch the show.

These included:
- Generating SEO content for
- Partnerships with group-buying sites, eg, Wowcher.
- Last minute ticketing sites, eg, Y-Plan.
- Creating content for and working with influencers in the community, eg, Burlexe and The Cheek of It
- Working with the venue to leverage their channels and target their audiences.
- Low-level PR with gay-blogs and sites.

- Since July 2013, we’ve run 8 shows, twice a month with an extra 4 shows, weekly throughout December: 12 in total and a further six in summer 2014.
- All shows have had capacity audiences.
- Searches for key search-term ‘boylesque’ now see at #1 on Google.

Burlexe: C
ontent Marketing Case Study
Burlexe is an innovative brand inspired by burlesque, which exists both on and (occasionally) offline with a series of shows.

To increase regular traffic with zero budget and resource to help promote awareness of the brand globally within the burlesque and burlesque-interested community of intelligent women, 25-45.

We created on-brand burlesque-inspired content around key topics relating to icons, beauty, fashion and how-to’s which reflected the brand and its ethos.

All content was SEO-friendly, its impact maximised through strategic release (and re-release) and amplified through social media.

Within six months, innovative content generation resulted in the following on-brand traffic increase:

- Traffic to the website had increased 200%, now generating approx. 20,000+ visits per month
- SEO-‘long tail’ content generates ongoing coverage and interest

 Search Term 
“Burlesque Hairstyles”  - #1 position on Google
“Burlesque Make Up” – #1 position on Google
“Burlesque Documentaries” – #1 position on Google
“How to burlesque pose” – #1 position on Google
“How to remove stockings” – #1 position on Google
“Burlesque News” – #2 position on Google
“Burlesque Books”- #2 position on Google
“Burlesque Pasties” #2 position on Google
“How to twirl nipple tassels”- #2 position on Google
“Burlesque Costume Ideas” -#3 position on Google

- Daily sign-ups for Facebook and mailing list
- Retweets from Dita Von Teese, Dirty Martini and influencers from the US scene