The Story of Boylexe

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Boylexe stars the Mighty Moustache

Boylexe stars the Mighty Moustache

Male striptease show Boylexe is one of the most unique shows in the West End – a spin-off from burlesque London show Burlexe, it was written, curated and produced by Howard Wilmot and features the very best of the ‘boylesque’ and cabaret scenes.

Like Burlexe it tells the stories of the performers who have helped shape the unique art form, taking its inspiration from boylesque performers like Barbette and the male striptease show’s very own Phil InGud.

Male striptease show Boylexe has always taken place in London’s Shadow Lounge, which was also home to burlesque show Burlexe and started life as a casual remark.

Male burlesque show Boylexe creator, Howard Wilmot says, ‘We ran Burlexe regularly at the Shadow Lounge, transforming it into a London burlesque club on a regular basis even though they had no other cabaret shows there, we just liked the space, the vibe and they were always so nice to us.

‘One day, I happened to say that someone said I should do a male version of burlesque night Burlexe and they got all excited and asked me if I would do it there with them.’

Boylexe opened in September 2012 for just three (sell-out) shows, starring singer Kele Le Roc singing ‘Xanadu’ on rollerskates and now cast regulars male burlesque dancer Phil InGud, drag act Meth (formerly Mr Mistress), the Double R’s Randolph Hott and voguer extraordinaire Bobby Deevah, all directed by long-term collaborator, Jayne Hardy.

Male striptease show Boylexe has continued to enjoy great success, still making the Shadow Lounge a regular one-off burlesque club for the most extraordinary night of stories, striptease, strip roulette, burlesque hen parties, gay stag dos and lots and lots of drinking.

It returns to the Shadow Lounge in June 2014 with new acts, new stories and a whole new look as the venue is being refurbished.

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Mighty Moustache image by Howard Wilmot